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Uses rarefaction to compensate for the effect of sample size on estimates of the number of alleles and number of private alleles in samples from hierarchical data.

Estimates the frequency of null alleles at microsatellite loci.

Estimates relatedness or relationship among individuals from genetic data.

Estimates the probability distribution for genetic differences in a population. This is useful for planning studies using non-invasive DNA to identify individuals.

Checks genotypes for agreement with Hardy-Weinberg expectations.

Genotype Viewer
Depicts summary statistics for a GENEPOP file: sample sizes, amount of missing data, number of alleles, gene frequencies, heterozygosities, and Fst.

Estimates how much each section of a river contributes to the genetic differentiation among populations.

Software for genetic stock identification (mixture analysis and assignment tests).

Evaluates how well a UPGMA or neighbor-joining tree fits a genetic distance matrix.

Estimates reproductive success and parentage using genetic data.

Sequence Viewer for Students
Educational software for viewing and comparing DNA sequences.

Estimates the composition of hybrids using SNP and other diallelic loci that have fixed differences between taxa.

Genetic distances
Calculates common genetic distances from GENEPOP files. These include Nei's (1987) Ds, Nei's (1987) Da, and Weir and Cockerham's (1984) theta.

GenoQuickSim (for Mark Taper)
Simulates genotypic data using coalescent methods.

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