Léo Berline

Associate professor





Campus de Luminy, 162 Av. de Luminy

13288 Marseille cedex 9


Email : leo.berline [at]

Research Interests

Physical-biological coupling, Lagrangian transport, Connectivity, Zooplankton, Jellyfish

Current research

Sargassum Evolving Distribution in the Atlantic (SAREDA)

Quantifying connectivity in the Mediterranean Sea (CoConet project)

Modelling of jellyfish transport and stranding in the NorthWest Mediterranean ( MedAzur project)

Past research

 Modelling of gelatinous zooplankton (SESAME-IP)

 Interannual fluctuations of zooplankton and hydrology in the Mediterranean (SESAME-IP)

 Krill transport in the Arctic Ocean ( NSF project SNACS)

 Impact of a diminished ice cover on the Arctic marine ecosystem (SYNTHESIS)

 Prototype of a coupled physical-biogeochemical forecasting system for the Atlantic Ocean ( MERSEA Project)


On Scholar


Berline L, Rammou A-M, Doglioli A, Molcard A, Petrenko A 2014 A Connectivity-Based Eco-Regionalization Method of the Mediterranean Sea. PLoS ONE 9(11): e111978. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0111978, pdf


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Berline L, Zakardjian B, Molcard A, Ourmières Y. Guihou K. 2013 Modelling transport and stranding of jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca in the Ligurian Sea Marine Pollution Bulletin, 70 (1-2) 90-99, pdf


Vandromme P, Stemmann L, Garcia-Comas C, Berline L, Sun X, Gorsky G 2012 Assessing biases in computing size spectra of automatically classified zooplankton from imaging systems: A case study with the ZooScan integrated system  Methods in oceanography, 1-2, 3-21


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Berline L., Spitz Y.H., Ashjian C.J., Campbell R.G., Maslowski W. Moore S.E. 2008. Euphausiid transport in the Western Arctic Ocean, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 360:163-178. pdf


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Berline L., Testut C-E., Brasseur P. and Verron J. 2006. Variability of the Gulf Stream position and transport between 1992 and 1999: A re-analysis based on a data assimilation experiment, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 27(2), 417-432. pdf


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Berline L 2006 Assimilation de données dans un modèle couplé physique-biogéochimie de l’Atlantique Nord, PhD thesis, Université Joseph Fourier- Grenoble. pdf


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