I'm involved in the indergraduate level (Licence of Marine Sciences) and in the Master degree (Master of Oceanography). My courses belong to a set of courses of mathematics, statistics and computer sciences, teached from the first year of University to the fifth year. The aim is to provide a set of methods and tools to the students in order to make them able to understand the basis of ecological modeling. The last course is an advanced one in ecological modeling.

                UE01 : Fundaments of mathematics
                UE19 : Initation to Ecological Modeling
                UE13 : Computer Sciences applied in Environmental Sciences
                UE20 : Regression and Approximation

                UE13 : Ecological Modeling
                UE30 : Impact of Heterogeneity on the Marine Ecosystems Functionning
                UE28 : Dynamical Systems and their Applications in Ecological Modeling


          Educational projects