Damien SOUS

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My (nearly) up-to-date list of publications can be found there. Here are some recent papers and proceedings to download (right click - save as), generally preprint versions.

Impact of cross-reef water fluxes on lagoon dynamics: a simple parameterization for coral lagoon circulation model, with application to the Ouano Lagoon, New Caledonia
Chevalier C., Sous D., Devenon J. L., Pagano M., Rougier G., Blanchot J., Ocean Dynamics, vol. p.1-26 (2015)

Effect of a submerged plate on the near-bed dynamics under incoming waves in deep water conditions
Rey V., Touboul J., Sous D., Applied Ocean Research, vol. p.67-74 (2015)

Block-based adaptive mesh refinement scheme using numerical density of entropy production for three-dimensional two-fluid flows
Golay F., Ersoy M., Yuschenko L., Sous D., International Journal Of Computational Fluid Dynamics (2015)

Multi-scale morphodynamics of sand barrier driven by Monsoon/typhoon conditions
Campmas L., Sabatier F., Meulé S., Liou J. L., Petitjean L., Boutin F., Leroux-Mallouf R., Sous D., Bouchette F., XIIIème Journées Nationales Génie CIvil Génie Côtier, (2014)

Stationary and oscillatory flows through porous media: effects of the specific surface
Arnaud, G., Touboul, J., Sous, D., Gouaud, F., & Rey, V. , Revue Paralia, vol. 7, p.12, (2014)

Friction law and turbulent properties in a laboratory Ekman boundary layer
Sous D., Sommeria J., Boyer D., Physics Of Fluids, vol. 25 (2013)

Swash-groundwater dynamics in a sandy beach laboratory experiment
Sous D., Lambert A., Rey, V., Michallet H., Coastal Engineering, vol. 80 p.122-136 (2013)

Wave setup and watertable overheight in the Cigu sand barrier (Taiwan) during the Talim tropical storm
Sous D., Campmas L., Meulé S., Bouchette F., Liou J. L., Rey V., Touboul J., Coastal Dynamics 2013

Wave propagation over a steep bathymetric slope: influence of the bed porosity on the wave phase matching
David de Drezigue O., Sous D., Rey V., Touboul J., Coastal Dynamics 2013

A Tsai's model based S-PIV method for velocity measurements in a turbulent Ekman layer
Sous D., Sommeria J., Flow Measurement And Instrumentation, vol. 26 p.102-110 (2012)

Two-Phase-Flow Unstructured Grid Solver: Application to Tsunami Wave Impact
Golay F., Nar Sambe A., Sous D., Fraunie P., Rey V., Marcer R., Dejouette C., International Journal Of Offshore And Polar Engineering, vol. 21 p.186-191 (2011)

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