HPB: High-pressure bottle to sample deep-sea waters maintaining high-pressure conditions

Diagrammatic representation of the high-pressure bottles (HPB) in configuration of samples filling (Tamburini et al. 2003).

Sub-samples may be extracted without decompression of the main culture, allowing time series experiments (Tamburini et al. 2003)

The High Pressure Serial Sampler (HPSS, Bianchi et al., 1999) is a Sea-Bird Carousel fitted with eight 500-ml High-Pressure bottles where hydrostatic pressure is permanently monitored during filling, retrieval and incubation. Fluorescent or radiolabeled tracers are injected in each bottle. 


Functionning of the HPBs:

- Filling of HPB --> click here (Powerpoint animation).

- Sub-sampling of HPB --> click here (Powerpoint animation).



SINPAS: SINking PArticles Simulation experiments to simulate particle sinking from the sea surface to the deep ocean, in order to quantify the rate of mineralization of organic particles during their sinking period throughout the water column.

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