Bernard Quéguiner

Professeur Bernard QUÉGUINER

University Professor

67 ème section du CNU

Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography – UMR 110 Aix-Marseille University/CNRS/IRD/Université de Toulon
Institut Pythéas
Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers

Case 901, Campus de Luminy, 13288 Marseille Cedex 09, France
phone: (33) 4 91 82 91 05

dob 24/09/1957

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Current Project
– Marine Ecosystem Biodiversity and Dynamics of Carbon around Kerguelen: an integrated view

        The objective of MOBYDICK is to study the links that exist between the biological pump of carbon and the food web structure. To address this issue MOBYDICK proposes a novel approach by considering the entire food web from microbes to top predators and by investigating the hitherto poorly studied relationships between biogeochemical fluxes and biodiversity. The dataset required to test the hypotheses proposed in MOBYDICK will be acquired during an oceanographic campaign off Kerguelen Island (Southern Ocean). In this well-documented area, 2 contrasted ecosystems ‘Low Biomass Low Export’ and ‘High Biomass Low Export’ coexist. MOBYDICK has gathered an international consortium to carry out a wide range of techniques for the determination of stocks, fluxes and biodiversity, which are rarely utilized simultaneously. The results wi   ll represent a milestone for fundamental knowledge, but they will also provide essential information for the sustainable management of these vulnerable ecosystems.

This project is supported by the french national programme LEFE/INSU, The French National Research Agency ANR, and the French National Fleet Commission

Le cycle biogéochimique du silicium dans l’océan
QUÉGUINER B. Iron fertilization and the structure of planktonic communities in high nutrient regions of the Southern Ocean. Deep Sea Research II, 90, 43-54. doi:10.1016/j.dsr2.2012.07.024.




Doctorate, 1982, Biological Oceanography, Universite de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest (France)
Research Direction Habilitation, 1995, Biological Oceanography, Universite de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest (France)

Professional positions

2011-          Aix-Marseille University/Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, University Professor
1998-2011 Universite de la Mediterranee/Centre d'Oceanologie de Marseille, University Professor
1987-98     Universite de Bretagne Occidentale, Associate Professor
1985-6       Research manager, Commission Quadripartite "Baie de Vilaine"
1983-4       Post-doctoral scientist, Universite Laval, Quebec (Canada)

Prizes and awards

1995 NATO Fellowship
1992 U.S. Antarctica Service Medal 
1983 France-Quebec Fellowship

Current Committees
and Professional Memberships

Serve as referee for 18 professional journals and 18 Governmental funding agencies

Research Interests

Biological oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, global silicon cycle, interactions between carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon and trace-elements in the regulation of phytoplankton productivity and community structure in contrasted ecosystems, vertical fluxes of biogenic matter, nutritionnal co-limitation processes in phytoplankton.

Field Campaigns

1991 Antarktis IX/2, Weddell Sea (45 days)
1992 ROSS SEA 1992, Ross Sea (45 days)
1992 Antarktis X/6 – S.O. JGOFS, Southern Ocean, Atlantic sector (65 days)
1996 Romp 96, Pacific Ocean (25 days)
1998 SAZ V.6 – S.O. JGOFS, Southern Ocean, Australian sector (45 days)
1999 Antares 4 – S.O. JGOFS, Southern Ocean, Indian sector (45 days)
2005 KEOPS 1, Southern Ocean, Indian sector (Chief Scientist, 45 days)
2010 LATEX, Northwestern Mediterranean (Chief Scientist, 25 days)
2011 KEOPS 2, Southern Ocean, Indian sector (Chief Scientist, 52 days)
2015 Green Edge, Arctic Ocean, Sea-ice camp (19 days)
Green Edge, Arctic Ocean, Oceanographic cruise (23 days, Leg 1-a) and Sea-ice camp(14 days)
2018 MOBYDICK, Southern Ocean, Indian sector (Project Leader, 38 days)

  Bernard Quéguiner