My research interests are mostly focusing on the forcing of planktonic organisms by the oceanic circulation and resulting fluxes.

Currently I am involved in the following projects:

  • FORESEA (FORecasting seasonal Sargassum Event in the Atlantic, ANR)
  • SAREDA (Sargassum Evolving Distribution in the Atlantic, TOSCA-CNES)
  • Pelagia (Part of LASERMED project, AMIDeX)
  • PAPIRUS (PArticle and Plankton at hIgh Resolution using sensors, multiple fundings)

Here are the projects I was involved in since 2003 :

  • Quantifying connectivity in the Mediterranean Sea (CoConet project)
  • Modelling of jellyfish transport and stranding in the NorthWest Mediterranean (MedAzur project)
  • Modelling of gelatinous zooplankton (SESAME-IP)
  • Interannual fluctuations of zooplankton and hydrology in the Mediterranean (SESAME-IP)
  • Krill transport in the Arctic Ocean and Impact of a diminished ice cover on the Arctic marine ecosystem (NSF projects SNACS and SYNTHESIS)
  • Prototype of a coupled physical-biogeochemical forecasting system for the Atlantic Ocean (MERSEA Project)