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After a scientific background dominated by Biological Sciences, I graduated from my Ph.D. in a lab of Geophysics and spatial Oceanography. Since then, I kept on developing multidisciplinary research interests at the interface of Physical & Biological Oceanography.

Using in-situ data, satellite archives and numerical models at multiple spatio-temporal scales, I investigate the influence of physical processes on marine ecosystems, especially in upwelling areas and boundary currents.

Additional research lines focus on the transport of tracers in the ocean, the study of marine connectivity and the characterisation of mesoscale physical structures using Lagrangian techniques.

Both the oceanic circulation and biogeochemical cycles exhibit important natural variability, which impacts in turn marine resources and ecosystem services. My research studies some of these complex interactions, which are also affected by global climate change and increasing human perturbations to natural systems.


My interests at a glance: