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I am working as a CNRS senior scientist (DR2) at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO, CNRS/AMU/IRD/UTLN), at the Luminy Campus (Aix-Marseille Université).


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Research interests

  • Microbial ecology of heterotrophic prokaryotes in aquatic environments (twilight and deep-sea zones)

  • Biogeochemical implications of deep-sea prokaryotes

  • High pressure effects on microbial activities

  • Prokaryotic degradation of macromolecules

  • Bioluminescent bacteria

√ Main projects

  • EC2CO - Biolux. Deep-sea bioluminescent bacteria

  • Pressure effects On marine prokaryOTES (ANR POTES)

  • EuroSITES to integrate deep ocean observatories (FP7)

  • ANTARES - Study of the bioluminescence at the underwater neutrino telescope. ANTARES as a deep-sea cabled observatory

  • Role of attached prokaryotes on sinking particles (PROOF-SINPAS project)

  • Phylogenetic structure of bacterial assemblages as revealed by molecular techniques

Specialized gear used 

  • High Pressure Serial Sampler (HPSS)

  • Sinking particles simulator (PASS)